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multimedia journalist and producer

public health, urban development, podcasting, social media

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Indiana Lawmakers to Vote On Expanding Access to Overdose Antidote

Administered as an injection, or as a nasal spray, naloxone, also called Narcan, can bring someone from unconscious and barely breathing to sitting upright and speaking within about a minute....

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Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Helping: Even Hands-only CPR Can Save A Life

More than 326,000 people experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital each year. About 90 percent of them die, often because bystanders don’t know how to start CPR or are afraid they’ll do it wrong....

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The Neighborhood Project: Public Safety, Perception and Pluck on the Westside

How does a rough neighborhood turn a corner? And when? As part of the Neighborhood Project, reporter Andrea Muraskin spent time in the Near Westside. she found that, when it comes to public safety, perception is powerful....

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The Neighborhood Project: In Garfield Park, Neighborhood Power Is Key

Neighbors in the Garfield Park neighborhood fought the opening of a charter school earlier this year, and are carefully -- and doggedly -- working to engineer the kind of future they want for the neighborhood....

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The Neighborhood Project: Race History Factors Into Rebuilding A Front Porch Neighborhood

When a new ethnic group moves into a more racially homogeneous neighborhood, tensions tend to arise. While well-intentioned people want to reach across that divide, they don’t always know how. Meridian-Kessler’s Zone 2 is a predominantly African-American area that’s seeing more white families move in. Can residents come together despite...

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Indy Schoolkids Focus on Yoga

The Mighty Lotus Foundation, a local yoga nonprofit, has been teaching yoga at two IPS schools this year. The organization's president says it wanted to offer students a way to deal with the stress they experience as kids, and "to learn, planting seeds so that when they grow they have...

Open uri20160515 18155 18qfuze article

Better, Block By Block

Andrea Muraskin reports on the efforts in Keystone-Monon neighborhood to develop businesses at 46th and Evanston. The effort is helped by LISC and the Northeast Corridor Quality of Life Project. A recent 'better' block' event was held....

The Life Stories Project

... recall their adventures covering the 2012 Republican National Convention. This piece was produced by Andrea Muraskin, a former Y-Press staff member....